Our Programme

Equipping a generation of young people to take ownership of their wellbeing and futures


Students identified from the workshops as prime candidates for the programme will then be enrolled onto the scheme. The programme consists of four parts:


Students will continue to engage in wellbeing sessions that will help monitor the candidates mental wellbeing progress, with support provided to further strengthen their maintenance of a healthy mental wellbeing.


Candidates will be paired up with a mentor that ideally hails from the same background and may have dealt with the same disorder in the past but is now in a better place and contributing and functioning member of society


Prior to starting the programme, candidates will identify sectors of interest. They will then get a chance to experience working in the industry through a short placement to raise their aspirations
Prior to the work experience, candidates will have sessions on how to write a CV, key interview skills, e.t.c


Teaching candidates of their role and positive impact that they can have when giving back to society