About Us

Equipping a generation of young people to take ownership of their wellbeing and futures

Our Mission

Generation Mindset aims to equip students to take ownership of their mental wellbeing and futures. We do this by delivering workshops with young people and running programmes with selected pupils.

The need for our services is supported by research proving that high-levels of poverty are associated with poor social outcomes. 

The link between socio-economic disadvantage and choices made later in life by students is further impacted by mental health problems experienced by students. This all negatively impacts student attainment - hindering students from achieving their potential.

Our Team

Bola koleowo


“A pragmatic approach to mental health needs to be taken. Children and young adults need to be more knowledgable about how they can maintain a healthy mental wellbeing. By doing this, they will feel better equipped with the increasing demands of society and capitalise on opportunities. Gen M is necessary for these reasons and many more.”


mAXWELL omondi


“Young people should know how to navigate challenging emotions, be resilient and have good mental wellbeing – in order to do well in life. That’s why I co-founded Generation Mindset.”




“I recognise the impact that a lack of attention to one’s mental health can have on their potential. Furthermore, there are many feelings and beliefs that education triggers in young people that they do not know how to manage. It’s important to develop the neural pathways for more helpful emotions – so that even beyond education and in the work place, they can learn better to cope with the stresses of life.”

obi park


“It is paramount a more holistic and robust approach to young peoples’ mental wellbeing, personal and professional development is taken by all forms of organisations working with young people. Such an approach is necessary to ensure the next generation are equipped to attain bright futures no matter what challenges they come across.”